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The Wellbeing Alphabet – La Linguistica

The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is a new parent and child developed approach to positive emotional wellbeing (www.thewellbeingalphabet.com). The resource has a focus on happy feelings and good behaviour. As a parent, I discovered the need for a fun, child-friendly approach to teaching positive emotional wellbeing.  The Wellbeing Alphabet™ teaches wellbeing words from A-Z. Using the alphabet as a frame of reference ensures that The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is memorable and there is early evidence of behaviour change through this approach.

The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is designed to be a universal resource as all children benefit from increased emotional awareness. Consultation confirms the potential for added benefits for children with additional social and emotional needs. The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is most suitable for the 4-9 age range. The full programme is currently available in English with a pilot  produced in Spanish. The ‘wellbeing words’ have been translated into twenty three additional languages.

The Key element of The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is a short, ten-minute film, supported by a full activity pack and teaching guides. Activities incorporate  arts and crafts, drama, music, dance and literacy and have been shown to complement a range of social and emotional learning including the teaching of:

  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE);
  • Spriritual, Moral, Social and Cutural development (SMSC);
  • British Values.

Leading bodies including OFSTED, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), Public Health England, the Department of Health and the Department of Education in the UK, have published evidence on the importance of emotional wellbeing and the  impact on academic attainment and long term life outcomes. A range of UK and global reports highlight the importance of wellbeing, including the Marmot Review (2012), the World Health Organisation Mental Health Action Plan 2013-20 (2013) and The World Happiness Report (2015).

If you would like more details on The Wellbeing Alphabet™ in the UK or abroad,  or to arrange a free no-obligation demonstration, please email Nathalie@lalinguistica.com including your name, setting and contact details.

We’re delighted to share with you this preview of The Wellbeing Alphabet ™ just click the image on the left to play the embedded video, or click the link below to play on Vimeo. 

Preview Video