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Testimonials for The Wellbeing Alphabet™


Head Teacher, Darlington Primary School

The Wellbeing Alphabet is a high quality learning resource focused on nurturing children’s feelings and their understanding of the world around them. Used as a ‘one to one’ or group activity, it will help children to express themselves.


Mrs Rebecca FernandesDeputy Head Teacher and SENCO, Hartside Primary SchoolCrook, County Durham (Year 1 teaching)

“After completing the first half of The Wellbeing Alphabet™, we can see a positive change in many of the children. They have grown in confidence when in larger group situations, and all feel happy to participate in group activities. They have a growing understanding of a range of feelings, which impacts positively on their play and social interaction. The high quality and well thought out resources make the intervention simple to deliver and I would certainly recommend this resource for all settings working with Key Stage One children.”


Ms Donna Heslop, Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Trainee Counsellor, Parkside Secondary Academy, County Durham (Year 7 pilot)

“I would just like to say how well The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is working with our young people, I have seen a difference in the young people who are a part of the wellbeing group. They have grown in confidence, self-esteem and also how they can express their feelings.”


Grandparent of a pupil, Year 7 pilot, Durham Secondary Academy, County Durham

“I think The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is a brilliant programme. To me it has changed my grandson who now can express his feelings more often than before.”


Parent of a pupil, Year 7 pilot, Durham Secondary Academy, County Durham

“The Wellbeing Alphabet™ helps to promote openness about the life they have and how to achieve to the best of their ability, to look forward to the future.”
Speaking ahead of the global launch (October 2016), The Council of British International Schools CEO, Colin Bell said:

“COBIS is pleased to support the launch of The Wellbeing Alphabet™ ahead of the COBIS EYFS Conference at Byron College. COBIS represents nearly 270 schools in more than 75 countries worldwide. COBIS is committed to providing high levels of quality assurance for British Schools worldwide and prioritises rigorous standards and school improvement across all phases. High quality Early Years provision, professional development and resources are vital to give children the best possible start to their educational journey.”


Feedback from an Independent co-educational School, North Yorkshire:

“The Wellbeing Alphabet supports a whole school approach to wellbeing, through Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE); Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning (SMSC) and British Values.”


Feedback from a mother to two Spanish/British children aged 4 and 7, also a Foreign Languages Teacher in Spanish, French and German:

“This method is simple, but a must-have for every educator!”


Feedback from a mother to two Russian/British children aged 2 and 8, also holds an MA in Managing Community Practice, Durham University; and a PhD in Linguistics, former Lecturer in Linguistics, Ivanovo University, Russia:

“Based on a deep research and contemporary understanding of wellbeing, The Wellbeing Alphabet is a real tool designed to improve children’s wellbeing in a productive manner. I find The Wellbeing Alphabet is not only efficient and professional, but above all, it could be tailored to the specific needs of an individual child. Moreover, the programme is supported with simple clear guidelines to help a parent, a teacher or any other practitioner drive this programme forward to provide optimal benefit. I highly recommend The Wellbeing Alphabet to anyone who is passionate about children’s wellbeing.”


Feedback from a mother to two Turkish/Iraqi children aged 5 and 10, also a Dentist:

“The Wellbeing Alphabet is excellent. Schools definitely need this programme. Especially international schools where there is a such a mix of culture and different behaviours.”


Feedback from a family member of a child involved in The Wellbeing Alphabet pilot, MA Literae Humaniores (Classics I), Oxford University graduate, and Trainee Solicitor, British law firm:

“As a close family member of a child who has been involved in The Wellbeing Alphabet pilot, it has been incredible to see the extent of the improvement in behaviour in such a short period of time after using the programme. It is clear how much the DVD and activities are enjoyed by children. I love how relevant messages from the DVD can be incorporated into raising a child on a daily basis. I attended a ‘The Wellbeing Alphabet’-themed party recently, and observed how the activities can be adapted to use in a number of locations. I saw firsthand how much the children enjoyed themselves while learning about feelings and behaviour, even when not in a traditional classroom setting.”



Behaviour Support Specialist and Play Therapist

I absolutely love The Wellbeing Alphabet. It’s engaging, it’s bright, it’s joyful, it’s absolutely wonderful! I was thinking about the children taking part and I was smiling the whole time. I recognise that this is something very special. The programme is unique in that it has a focus on positive emotional goals and the input from a parent and child’s perspective is clear. I support The Wellbeing Alphabet being taught in as many schools and homes as possible it will benefit all children.


Child, Aged 6

The Wellbeing Alphabet is all about happy feelings and good behaviour. It makes me feel happy. My favourite word in the alphabet is “zest” because I have lots of energy. I also like “calm”, “dream” and “enjoy”. I like watching the DVD. My favourite activities are the word search, making up stories, plays, dances, music, and doing arts and crafts.


Testimonials for Consultancy by La Linguistica

ChairRAID-TV Registered Charity

Nathalie was a dedicated member of the RAID-TV board of trustees utilising her vast knowledge and experience on the subject of HIV/AIDS to influence the strategic direction of RAID-TV, which has enabled it to continue developing up to now, even in these difficult times for charity work” (Herbert Dirahu, Chair, RAID-TV registered charity).