Nathalie worked at The Wensleydale School & Sixth form as a wellbeing mentor and consultant from September 2017 to March 2020. During this time, she was proactive in moulding the role to her skillset and the individual needs of the students. Nathalie worked closely with the pastoral team to identify students in need of support, provided in individual and group sessions. The feedback was very positive from students and in many cases, there was a marked improvement in both their emotional and mental state and attitude towards school, their peers and their teachers. Nathalie has a wealth of knowledge of agencies that are working to support young people and she fostered excellent relationships with these agencies on behalf of the school to ensure that we have a wide selection of different agencies to signpost our students
to. Nathalie was excellent in putting the right support in place for students with more complex needs and ensuring that referrals were made in such a way as to ensure the students best possible chance of being picked up by agencies for their support. During her time at Wensleydale School Nathalie worked closely with the designated safeguarding lead supporting students who were at risk and ensuring that the students received the right level of support through very difficult times in their lives.
Throughout this role Nathalie calmly and professionally dealt with some of the more serious and life changing things that can happen to young people. Her support was invaluable to those students as well as being an excellent team player within the pastoral team in dealing with these most challenging cases. Nathalie was proactive about increasing the opportunities of the students to improve their emotional and mental health and to support them in making positive behaviour choices at school and in the wider community. To this end, she set up a peer mentoring scheme; training up a number of students in the school to allow them support other students who were dealing with some emotional and social issues. She also worked closely with the National Parks to set up a vibrant programme of activities in and outside of school as part of the John Muir Award and was a strong advocate for students being involved in the Fire Brigade’s Life course. Nathalie also used her own personal links to get business leaders into school to meet with some of our most hard to reach students and support them in making choices that would support them in having opportunities in the future. She was also keen to pilot new ideas to support the development of mental health and behaviour in the school. In 2019-20 she piloted the G.R.O.W model with some of our students at risk of permanent exclusion to increase their hope, wellbeing and career goals and to provide guidance on pathways. In conclusion, Nathalie is a knowledgeable, personable and active team player with strong leadership skills and a proven track record of supporting students through very difficult and complex problems. She would be an asset to any team.
Mr Richard LundieAssistant HeadteacherThe Wensleydale School and Sixth Form