Delighted that my recommendations are informing the Government’s UK Commission on Employment and Skills ( business strategy on SME’s- through the Teesside University Leading for Growth programme. Interview on 12th July! As a new, young, female, parent entrepreneur I have observed traditional boundaries in business that require a more flexible inclusive approach. The working day is no longer 9-5 office based and all industries need to adapt. Workplace policies should recognize the skills of working and stay at home parents, who have a wealth of expertise to contribute to the workforce. Innovation needs to be embraced and business grants should support risk taking! Now more than ever, it is essential that the British economy adapts, and enables the workforce to excel creatively in the global marketplace!

Individuals have lives and families outside of work and business, and humans strive for happiness, belonging, identity, and of course lifestyle goals. Workplace wellbeing needs to embrace this and recognize the needs of carers. Do not judge ‘millennials’ by our age, but by the unique expertise in this generation! Build your business around the work life balance that you want- especially the needs of your children. Careers are important, but so is family. An over reliance on childcare while parents work long hours, is not conducive in the long term to building a family friendly society. Children need to be part of all aspects of society- they are the next generation of leaders! I am building my business around my child because they are only young once and children are the most valuable gift we will ever have. We get one life- make it meaningful!  💼👶💁💭