PLEASE READ I know I post a lot but this is one of my most important messages and I need your support in something very important…Dear all, as you know I am immensely passionate about children and helping others. Recently I taught at a therapeutic group for children requiring emotional and behavioural support. I met the mums of the children, who were going through difficult circumstances including battling depression and recovering from abusive relationships, whilst doing their best to support their children. I learned at the group that the funding, and other support the families receive, was being pulled. The service has now ended. I was working with a young child whose dad was supposed to come to the group but didn’t turn up, the child kept saying their dad was coming but they never arrived, so I helped the child to stay positive and keep smiling. I told the kids and mums that I would see them again- that was before I knew funding for the service was ending. Me being me, my promise is a promise regardless of circumstances so now I have to do something about this. When you work with children or adults who have experienced rejection and loss, promises and keeping to your word mean EVERYTHING, particularly for children who have experienced attachment issues in the early years.

As I left the group some mums were in tears asking who was going to support them. These mums are strong but need some encouragement. We have had discussions with the group and some workers who came up with the idea of training the parents in The Wellbeing Alphabet, so the parents can deliver the activities to their own children in their home. This will empower parents who have in the past been dis-empowered, and foster relationships and activities in the family home. Children will be equipped with the positive emotional vocabulary and activities taught through The Wellbeing Alphabet, hopefully bringing the same lasting impact that I have seen in other children. We need to get this group up and running quickly- by mid April 2016. I am in talks with commissioners and funders’ but financial donations are required asap so we can confirm support asap. I am giving my time and the programme for free plus funding what I can myself, but we require additional funding for staff who will deliver the sessions and provide resources for the parents to use in their homes. Please message me or email if you are able to support and I will provide you with further details including costs, staff qualifications, delivery arrangements, risk assessment, financial assurance, monitoring etc. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT XXX