This morning as I pondered what to write about in today’s Wellbeing Wednesday blog, the news of the Great British Bake Off sprang to mind. My week has been filled with a different type of baking, the ‘traditional’ type where neighbours bake for each other! It all started a few weeks ago when a new neighbour moved into the area. My neighbour popped round to say hello and brought some spiced Indian chicken! I was so touched by their kindness that it left me smiling all day (of course the delicious food helped too!).

Being a Yorkshire girl, this weekend I was scaling apple and plum trees in the countryside ready for some traditional British baking. I baked my neighbour a traditional English apple crumble, only expecting the washed pots back in return. Yesterday, my neighbour then surprised me with some Indian coconut balls which were divine! The impact of kindness shared through little gestures and random surprises should not be underestimated! Gratitude is such a positive emotion it can really influence the course of your day.

Those of you who know me, will be aware that I am foodie! Having won a certain television cooking show and hosted mini pop-up restaurants, food has always been a passion. When you combine food with kindness, it is absolutely delightful! Kindness, and feeling good about others, are essential factors for positive wellbeing. So, here’s wishing you a fabulous week, hopefully more ‘Bake For’ than ‘Bake Off’!

Love Nathalie x

Ms Nathalie Carter, BA, MSc, PGDip, PGCert, PTLLS

Director La Linguistica and Founder of The Wellbeing Alphabet™